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Trusted Homecare for Seniors in Edmonton

Veritas homecare services are comprehensive, and include just about anything a senior at any stage of life could need. Every person and every life is completely different, so our approach is always tailored to you. 

It’s the details of caring that matter most. Something as simple as a hand massage for a dementia patient, or a game of cards with smiles and laughs, is what makes us stand out.

If you don’t see a service listed here, get in touch! We’d love to offer help, or direct you to someone we trust.

Senior Home Care is our speciality, so you can expect we know their needs very well.

Providing warm, compassionate and dignified professional care for seniors when they need it most.  At Veritas, it’s the details of caring that matters most. We like to know what goes on with every visit so reporting to supervisor on  each visit by care provider is expected and passed onto you if you like.

Care providers are carefully chosen then bonded and insured. Care providers  are qualified with training to meet the needs of your loved one. 

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