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Invite Some Good Company Into Your Caring Home

Using our senior home care services we understand how important it is that you can trust us for your peace of mind. We are dedicated to providing excellent senior care to your loved one. We care for the "person" and each person is an individual with unique needs. With us, quality care is quality caregivers, quality services tailored to your needs, and the way you want it done.

Senior Home Care is our speciality, so you can expect we know their needs very well.

Providing warm, compassionate and dignified professional care for seniors when they need it most.  At Veritas, it’s the details of caring that matters most. We like to know what goes on with every visit so reporting to supervisor on  each visit by care provider is expected and passed onto you if you like.

Care providers are carefully chosen then bonded and insured. Care providers  are qualified with training to meet the needs of your loved one. 

Home Services


Sometimes "caring" simply means time spent with someone who cares. We are happy to accompany you to events, on walks, or down to the local community centre We get to know each other, talk, laugh and have fun. Every Veritas Senior Care Service includes companionship, but in many cases, a companion is all that’s needed for complete care.

  Healthy Meals

Nutrition is an important part of health and wellness, and we want to help keep our seniors on track. We can provide full meal preparation, from shopping to clean up, and we love to include clients in the process. If you have a special diet or restrictions, we are willing and able to accommodate them. We can even help make easy-to-warm meals for when we aren’t there.

Heart_1  Appointments & Travel

We arrange all the details for travelling and appointments. From safe transport, to drop off and pick up, we’ll arrive on time. We can also accompany seniors to their appointments, to record details, and to be advocates on their behalf.


Sometimes all you need is a little help with the details. We enjoy helping our clients with tasks like laundry and dishes, cleaning rooms, or more intensive tasks like reorganizing your fridge and pantry. As guests in your home, we will always complete tasks just the way you like them done. You can sit back and chat with us if you’d like, too; we love to talk while we work.


There are plenty of things to do outside the house, but it isn’t always convenient to move around or make a trip to the store for something specific. Make us a list and we’ll be happy to pick up groceries, prescriptions, equipment, or anything else you might need!

  Organizing for Moves

Whether you are transitioning homes, or moving into a retirement home or community, we’ll help you get your home in order for the move. We can organize the house for an easy transition, help you sort through your belongings, and make for a smooth transition.

Personal Services

  Personal Care

Our clients often require help with bathing, grooming, dressing, and feeding. Our caregivers are skilled in making these tasks easy and fun. We are always cognizant of our clients’ right to dignity, privacy, and respect. We can help with dentures and teeth, cleaning and maintaining equipment, and incontinence.

   Respite Care

Many seniors want to stay at home as long as possible. This can require a great deal of care, and we can provide some much-needed respite care so your loved one can stay in a familiar and comfortable setting. Whether you need a few hours for some personal time or a few days for a holiday, you’ll know your loved one is being cared for just like you were there.

  Mobility & Exercise

We want to help our seniors stay active and healthy. We can work through some healthy exercises together to improve circulation, reduce pain, and keep you feeling great. If mobility is an issue, we’re happy to help you find ways to move around safely.

   Palliative Care

We often stay with our clients during transitions. We continue to provide comfort and support right through to palliative care. Often at this stage, the focus of medical treatment transitions to a focus on offering companionship, comfort, and a pain-free environment. We can also help both seniors and families navigate through difficult decisions and find peace, and are always here to lend support in challenging times. 

Special Care

  Dementia Care

Dementia care requires empathy, patience, and gentleness. The world looks different for dementia patients, and remembering that is essential for caregivers. As Micha Shalev says: “We enter their world with them.” Whether it’s speaking slowly and repeating ourselves, or bringing along stimulating activities we can do together, we can truly enter their world with them. 

  Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s comes with its own language, and it’s a language we speak well. It can be difficult for Alzheimer’s patients to express themselves, and knowing not to press your loved one when they can’t summon the right words is just one way we use empathy and understanding with our clients. Every aspect of our care is designed to minimize confusion by offering comfort and reassurance.

  Challenging Situation Care

Difficult situations can arise quickly, and we are often called upon to provide focused care while the next steps are decided. Whether it’s a fall during the night, a difficult transition to a retirement home, or a family emergency, we are always here to help when you need it most.

  Hospital Discharge Care

Our senior care specialists are skilled at helping seniors transition from hospital to home. We’ll help you arrive home safe and sound, pick up your prescriptions, set up equipment, get the housework done, and anything else needed for a smooth and stress-free shift back to home life.

  Live-In Care

Veritas senior care services offers both short-term and long-term live-in care, with around the clock attention. We can provide any senior care services needed, and make sure there is always someone present to attend to personal and home needs.

  Mentorship & Guidance

We have experienced so much with our clients, which means we are familiar with almost any situation. No matter what comes on, we’re always happy to answer questions, offer guidance, or point you to people who can help. Caring for our clients’ needs means caring about their wellbeing, and helping in any way we can.

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