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How much care do I need?

The amount of care required for each client is different. In our initial meeting, we can go over the day-to-day routine and tasks. Some  of our clients only require three or four hours per week, while others have round-the-clock care; we’re happy to provide as much as you need!


What does the initial consultation look like?

Care always starts with a conversation. We will meet with you in person to assess your needs. Family are always welcome at these meetings. We’ll go over everything from the history that brought us here, to daily life and needs, to hobbies and interests, to make sure it will be a great fit.

Relationships are important to us, and forging them is one of our greatest talents. Based on this intial conversation, we can determine which caregiver will be best suited to a client.

How do you care for seniors with dementia?

We work with seniors with varying levels of dementia, and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver very specific care for their needs, including empathizing.

Communication is very important for seniors with dementia. Active listening means listening with more than just our ears; our caregivers are trained to watch for non-verbal cues. We also talk while we work, even with non-verbal seniors, because we believe that social interaction is very important to every relationship.

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes, we are fully bonded and insured. 

Are you a Veteran’s Provider?

Yes, we are.

Is there funding available for your services?

In some cases, there may be funding available to cover our services (from insurance, pensions, veteran’s services, or other organizations). The amount and availability of this funding is highly dependent on individual cirumstances. We are happy to discuss your options and walk you through the processes of funding. Please call us for a consultation to receive more detailed information about funding.

Do you document your visits?

We keep excellent records. Our caregivers make note of how the visit went, anything out of the ordinary, and any important information is always passed on to a supervisor, as well as the respective caregivers and families. We want family to feel included in our time with our seniors, so we love dropping notes to them, even if it’s just t say everything is going well.

Can you accompany a senior for a appointment (i.e. doctor appointment)?

We are happy to provide a caregiver to and from appointments, and be present to relay any important information. We can even book transport for appointments.

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